Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Recently I took a portable 8-bit console in the trip. I thought that I didn’t play "Mario" or meditative "Tetris" for a long time and a long trip will allow me to concentrate on the game.

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Let’s allow advanced gamers to make fun of me, but I’ve repeated my "Galaxian" record: 15 300 points (without breaks, lol). I am laughing now, but at that moment I thought this is a very serious score (I have not achieved such a result even in my childhood!). That’s why on returning from my trip I decided to find out if there are any documented records in this game (I secretly hoped that I'm not far away from world champions).

The data was easy to find because they have it on Wikipedia. But it shocked me...

1,653,270 points!!! Aart van Vliet has set this record in May 2009 in the Funspot Family Fun Center! WTF? I was ready to the fact that someone will make a couple of hundreds of thousands! But a million! Unfortunately, I did not find information about how long it lasted for a game, what were the breaks, and so on. But I can not imagine with what time breaks I can shoot this score (to stay alive at the end)! It would have to take up retirement. The second record is impressive too - 1,114,550 points (Gary Whelan has set it in April 2006).

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Most positive thought about this is that now I know that fans of the retro-gaming are alive, they compete, and being very moved from records of the times when these games were created (judging by the dates of records). This means you can still go to someone’s place and find not a fancy Wii connected to the TV, but a modest nostalgic Dendy, and then feel yourself a happy teenager! Who knows maybe someday you will become a champion!


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Unikum, 8-bit Computers, Retro Games, Competer History, Nostalgia

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